Sam Joins the RAU


Sam Meredith found clerical work after leaving the Army, in which he was a Junior Officer, but after a few years in the office he decided to change his career path:

“The rural sector has always appealed to me but having no family links to the rural industry I was at a loss as to where to start.  After a couple of recommendations from friends in the Army, I contacted HighGround to see if they could help focus my job search.” 

After a series of phone calls with HighGround, Sam decided to join us for first Rural Week in the new location at Bicton College, Devon. Sam discussed the possibility of studying to gain the knowledge needed to pursue a career in the rural sector:

“The wealth of information from the Rural Week was invaluable, giving me some clear ideas of what sort of business I might like to work in, some of which I would never have thought to look into. It also confirmed that studying for a year at the Royal Agricultural University [RAU] was the best place to start for me.”


Sam (5th from the Left)

Sam on his Rural Week with the HighGrounder Team



Sam is now in his first week of study at the RAU as a Business Management (MSc) student; his first step into civilian business.


“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Anna’s advice and guidance…HighGround have opened the door to a whole new area of industry that I wouldn’t have understood without attending the Rural Week.”


Sam was passionate about conservation, particularly the anti-poaching efforts in Africa, so Anna Baker Cresswell helped Sam research projects and contacted people across Africa in order for Sam to volunteer his free time before his course in September. Veterans for Wildlife offered him a place on a project in the Kruger National Park in South Africa and he deployed within a fortnight of his enquiry.


“I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Kruger and I can honestly say it’s one the most rewarding projects I have ever been involved in.”


Sam is enjoying his time at the Royal Agricultural University, confident he is “on the right track towards a satisfying and enjoyable new career within the rural industry”.

Sam at K National Park

Sam at Kruger National Park

Sam at the RAU to start his course


Sam Meredith – Business Management (MSc)

Royal Agricultural University

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