New Year, new start for Paul

Paul left the Army in January 2018 having served for 16 years in the Infantry.

He joined HighGround for a Rural Week at Bicton College in Summer 2017 and with the help of Bravehound who gave him an assistance dog Munro and his own tenacity, he is registered as self-employed and Harris Horticulture & Forestry is now a reality.

Paul found work on a local estate which he says was the gateway to starting his own business (there is a self-employment workshop during the Rural Week too..!). He worked hard, showed willing, used his many military skills, initially lowered his financial expectations and, with HighGround’s help, networked his socks off.

Now Harris Horticulture and Forestry has private gardening clients. Paul has turned the definition ‘seasonal work’ from a negative into a positive, something we actively promote and encourage during Rural Weeks.

Paul’s best advice is Don’t skimp on PPE and kit, and always ask your Regiment to help out with the cost. (HighGround has contacts for this too).

We salute you Paul, you are why HighGround exists!

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