Jake says thank-you to HighGround

I attended the HighGround Rural Week in May 2019 and would recommend it to anyone thinking of employment in the great outdoors. I had been out of work for 2 years and experience recurring mental health problems from an Op Banner Tour back in 1977. My confidence was shot to bits and I didn’t really know how to get back into work feeling as negative as I did. There was a wide variety of people on the course and everyone was extremely supportive, with 4 still serving, coming up to discharge and 5 veterans, some fairly recently all the way back to this Cold War Warrior. In many ways I wish I was younger to take full advantage of a surprising variety of job and career opportunities out there. Now in July; I have a part time job that I can walk to, it is a caring job but involves some gardening and guided walks in the beautiful Welsh countryside. A huge thank you to Anna and her team for helping to re-ignite my confidence and enthusiasm for work.


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