Graham’s Story


Army Veteran Graham Ward left military service more than a decade ago and even after being diagnosed with PTSD, and managing with knee-related issues at the age of 56, he’s been unwavering in his attempts to secure himself new employment and fulfillment. He called and applied for funding and courses in the past all of which had the same outcome: nothing. Despite this, he got in contact with HighGround in April this year in the hope of getting better results.

Graham has experience in vermin control, working on his friend’s farm, so HighGround worked on providing him with courses and information in those areas and any other fields that he was interested in.

In the meantime, he has started his first day of work experience at Bignor Park Estate on their shoots at the beginning of December, which he said he really enjoyed and will be returning this Saturday to participate again.
We are continuing to support Graham to find the courses he wishes to complete and we wish him all the best at Bignor Park Estate this Saturday.

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