A Poem by Liam

Liam joined us for a Rural Week at Bicton College last autumn; thanks so much for sending us your brilliant poem and we are so glad to be supporting you as you continue your Life beyond the military – Outdoors.


What to do?

By Sgt Smith 25203554


I thought I done it all!
Been made a man
Been to war
Seen country that I haven’t seen before!
Even had a family
I couldn’t ask for any more

But now they say “ it’s time to go”
Do your passion
Fufill your dream
And that I have done
I served my country and my Queen!

So where to go?
Nobody knows
How I feel
I cannot show
I’m sad
I’m up and down

Be this!
Be that!
Too much to take
My head is like a thousand mile lake
I want to go forward, but I feel I’m going back
So many things to be
How will I provide for my family?

I could sing?
Or dance?
Maybe Cut down trees?
Or even make honey from the bees
Heaven knows what will I do?
I just hope it’s rite for my boo!

But like they say!
Do what you love?
But what I loved was what I did!

So the question still stands
What to do?
What to do?
I don’t have a clue?

But waiting!
Let’s see
There is support out there for me!

Time to talk!
Time to share!
And Even sometimes have a cry on a chair?

So to see there are people out there that care!
Gets me up and scream!
Come on dare to dream!

So stand up and shout!
Thank you to all!
To Those that go the extra mile!
To Those that want to make you smile!
To those that do what other people would never do!
I really do thank you!!!

So when I’m asked what to do?
This is all because of you!
I’ll smile
I’ll joke
I’ll even makes laughs with like minded folk
Because I’m not scared anymore
As your kind are there knocking on my door

Just like others I’m sure they say
Thank you all so very much
You are my diamond in the rough
You are my diamond in the rough

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