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Not everyone can donate money, but there are many other ways to support HighGround in its Mission.


You can see from our Wishlist what we are currently fundraising for.

We don’t receive any statutory funding so every single penny you help us to raise really does matter. Our fixed costs are 17% of our total expenditure so you can see we spend as much as we possibly can on service delivery which is why you are reading this.

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Be a work experience provider

A vital part of any career change is work experience. It provides insights and real understanding of what will be required from a particular career choice. This is the missing link for so many ex military people when they are looking for employment in civilian life.

At HighGround we recognise the importance of supporting both the provider and the HighGrounder so that everyone gets the maximum out of the experience and the HighGrounder is more employable when he/she completes the work experience than they were when they started.

We have a growing network of work experience providers from estates, farms, parks and gardens, Rivers Trusts, forestry companies, golf and polo clubs and much more all around the UK.


If you have read the above and want to get involved, why don’t you become a Friend of HighGround? Join us here or for anything else, please either call Anna BC on 07951 495 272 or email