Stanford Hall Horticultural Therapy Challenge

The current challenge: HighGround needs to raise £361,504 to secure the cost of delivering the service for the next 3 years.
It costs HighGround £85 to deliver one 30 minute session of Horticultural Therapy at DMRC Stanford Hall. This includes salaries, Insurance and staff training. All infrastructure costs are met by DMRC. At our current capacity we have agreed to deliver 25 sessions per week for 50 weeks of the year.

Our supporters

We are so grateful to Greenwich Hospital for their continued support of our work at DMRC Stanford Hall; we literally couldn’t do it without you!
Thank you to everyone who is helping the Horticultural Therapy Challenge to reach its target.

A message from our Chairman: Air Cdre Ian Elliott (r’td)

All members of HighGround’s Board of Trustees are united in their determination to build on our small charity’s amazing achievements over recent years as we look take on the challenges of 2020. Having established and proven the considerable benefits of Horticultural Therapy at Headley Court since HighGround’s creation in 2013, one of our key challenges over the past 18 months has been the relocation of our services from Headley Court to the new Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Stanford Hall. With that move now behind us and our new team now fully up and running (or, in military parlance, having successfully attained Full Operational Capability!), our key challenge is now to consolidate our position and place ourselves on a strong financial footing in order to allow us to meet the anticipated longer term demands for our charitable services whilst also building up a prudent reserve of money to cope with the unexpected!

I am massively grateful to all who have supported us in the past and helped get us to the point where we enjoy an enviable reputation as a well run and extremely efficient small charity. In order to sustain – and potentially grow – our work, it is clear to our Board that we can no longer rely solely on our historic sources of income: primarily grant making trusts and some extremely benevolent individuals. Much as we very much hope that our past backers will continue
to support us, our new horticultural therapy fundraising campaign for 2020 will see us striving to reinforce our historic funding sources with greater input from our previously relatively untapped area of corporate sponsorship.

We are very, very proud of the work we do at HighGround; our horticultural programme has helped many hundreds of rehabilitating service men and women and we hope that we will be a key part of the broader Stanford Hall medical team for many years to come. However, we urgently need additional funding if our life changing work is to be sustained. Any assistance towards meeting our goals would be very much welcomed.

What DMRC Stanford Hall patients are saying about HighGround’s HT service

“I think Horticultural Therapy returns humans to a natural state. We are made to feel the soil and grow food.”

“It has helped me make contacts and focus on my own enjoyment.”

“It has hugely helped to improve my cognitive and mental abilities. I have also found it to be very beneficial to my mindfulness and mental well-being. I have also learnt a lot of things that I will take away with me.”

“This has been a thoroughly beneficial part of my therapy and I really cannot recommend it enough.”