Joel: After the RAF


Joel is currently serving in the RAF and when he leaves next year he will have completed 22 years of service. He joined us on our 13th Rural Week (RXW13) in July and sent us this heart-warming message earlier this month:

“I’m just about to book a 21 day personally tailored course in Construction Plant Operating with a company in Bristol which will qualify me on the majority of the equipment we sampled at Bicton plus a few more, and to top it all off they have offered me, due to my extensive previous experience on operating hydraulic systems, the opportunity to qualify as an Instructor with a view to being employed by them as a “contractor” Instructor.

After the Rural Week things have really fallen into place – right time, right people, right place so things are massively looking up for me.

A lot of this is thanks to Anna for giving me the Rural Week place and it giving me the information and guidance to find my direction, all of which I didn’t process in early July..!

Thank-you so much, I could never let you know how much this opportunity meant to me and helping each other in mutual comradeship with stuff which has evolved from service and life experiences has been a powerful and unexpected part of the Rural Week.”


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