HighGround works for officers too!

Major Ross Hocking RA sent us his thoughts after he joined us for a Rural Week at Bicton in March 2019.

I found out about the HighGround Charity through a contact I made during my final year of resettlement. I am extremely grateful for that recommendation, as it was the best foundation I could have asked for to take my remaining months forward.

As an Officer in the Army, I knew I what I didn’t want. Nine to Five’ing, in a suit, commuting into the City, managing a desk etc etc. I sure that sounds familiar. But, I had no idea what I did want. I knew that a balance between indoors and outdoors would keep me active, some form of management role would let me apply my strengths and ideally a job commutable from my home in Yorkshire. I attended a Rural Week run by HighGround from the Bicton College Campus in Exeter. The course was made from all walks of Service life: Veterans, still serving, Army, Marines, ranging from being out of the military for 12 years, to the likes of me with about a year to go.

The course covered a large range of topics aimed at introducing us all to the huge variety of roles and occupations the Land Based Sector has to offer. It allowed me to understand factors affecting the sector, even if the job wasn’t something I had considered or intended to pursue. This has improved my awareness of issues that I might face when I do leave, but also developed my network of contacts who I can approach for advice and guidance later down the line. Regardless of your intentions, or how set you think you are on a particular role, the Rural Week was of huge benefit.

Considering the HighGround Charity works very hard to make it cost free, it therefore only costs you 5 days of time. For the amount of contacts, leads, business cards, knowledge, enjoyment, exposure gained over that 5 days, it should feature in anyone’s resettlement package who is considering a rural job. If still serving, the earlier the better would allow you to see a whole host of occupations and give you an overview of aspects of civilian life you might not have known were an option.

I am know entering my final 6 months of Service far more confident and knowledgeable as a result of my time with HighGround. I am leaving to pursue opportunities in Estate Management and some of the contacts I made on the Rural Week have led to real world opportunities that I am chasing.

A fantastic team working hard to promote ‘Life Beyond the Military – Outdoors.’

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