Rural Week Roundup

After completing our final Rural Week of 2016, I thought it would be good to reflect on how the Rural Week went and share some of the feedback HighGround has received. We had 8 Veterans attend who accessed HighGround services through the likes of the Career Transition Partnership, Walking with the Wounded, Combat Stress or directly – via our website. Reasons for attending varied from wanting more information on the land-based sector, looking to identify future employment opportunities and accessing vocational opportunities. Everyone had a strong interest in the land-based sector and were keen to find out more about what the sector could offer them.

A great bunch attended and all were engaged and supported each other, which was great to see. I personally had a fantastic week and we were lucky to have glorious weather throughout, amazing considering we are now in November.

The timetable worked well with a good balance between classroom based activity, practical sessions, networking opportunities and good fun. We had the pleasure of some fantastic presenters, and a big thank you to Chris Watts from Lucas and Watts and Dale Carey from Combat Gardens for giving up your time to support our HighGrounders. Plumpton staff were as ever, very accommodating and worked hard to make the Rural Week a success.

The HighGrounders who attended found the Rural Week to be very beneficial and accessed information and guidance from subject matter experts who were on hand to advise. Below, we have some feedback from those who attended:


‘Many thanks for putting on an outstanding week. I have recently been offered a Security contract, however, I will get in touch when it’s finished. I’m hoping to set up my old peoples Recreational Centre in the North East and will hopefully need your help finding volunteers to help me build it. Thanks again and warmest regards’


‘The land-based industry has huge potential, much more than I thought; there seems to be areas of the industry that I never thought existed.’


‘Excellent course, HighGround and Plumpton were outstanding.’


‘Wow, what didn’t I learn?’ ‘There was so much, forestry, forest schools, horticulture, it was fantastic. Loved the week, very professional and fantastic tutors, thanks to all.’


‘Exposure to a variety of roles gave me confidence in my hopes to step into the rural industry. It was very helpful meeting people who started from a small idea and made it work and knowing that military personnel can be accepted into this sector. The course provided insight into many aspects of the sector that I hadn’t previously considered. Simply, fantastic.’


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