Mongol Rally 2018

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This July, Seb and Nick will be driving from Kent to Ulan-Ude in Russia as part of the Mongol Rally. They came to visit us during our Rural Week at Bicton College with their car ‘Virgil’. You can visit their crowd funding page here. Bon Voyage and Huge thanks lads!!

The rules of the rally state that your car should be no bigger than 1.2L and be completely unsuitable. So they chose an 18 year old Fiat Punto and named him Virgil.

The rally is completely unsupported and will take them just over a month to complete. They’ll travel a total of 10,000 miles in the process they’ll cross 3 mountain ranges, 3 deserts, enter 9 different time zones and have 20 different countries stamped in their passports… if they don’t get lost en-route.

Throughout the rally they’ll be supporting and raising money for HighGround.

For more information follow the link

Hopeful dates they aim to achieve are as follows :
– 11th July – 0900 ferry to Calais from Dover
– 15/16 July – Launch Ceremony
– 17th July – Budapest
– 18th July – Bucharest
– 22nd July – Istanbul
– 29/30th July – Baku, Azerbaijan (ferry to Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan)
– 16th Aug – Cross in to Russia
– 26th Aug – Ulan-Bataar
– 28th Aug – Ulan-Ude / Finishing party
– 30th Aug – Fly home, no more annoying social media posts from The Hotsteppers !