Katherine Pout Completes Challenging Ultra Marathon

Kat Pout enjoying the view on her Ultra MarathonKatherine Pout, a Friend of HighGround, recently completed the EnduranceLife Ultra, a gruelling 33.5 mile run across challenging terrain on The Isle of Anglesey. She was part of a group of 300 runners who took part in the event, and along the way Kat raised money, through sponsorship and donations, for HighGround.

Posting an Impressive Time in Difficult Conditions

8f117358-c658-481d-ad4a-f119a78cfab4Kat took on a disciplined four-month training routine to ensure she was ready for the challenge, and all that training really paid off. In difficult conditions Kat posted a time of 09:03:44 and was one of just 35 participants to complete the Ultra.

Conditions made the run more challenging than expected, Kat described them as ‘pretty atrocious’. “It rained for about 6 of the 9 hours and there were strong winds. A lot of mud also. The last hour was complete darkness”, she explains. “It was also rockier than I expected, I imagined more flat running.”

Because of the weather conditions there were some necessary changes during the event, with cut off times being extended 15 minutes, “The cut off time for the Ultra was 3.15pm, I made it at 3.12pm…it was very tight!”

A Great Experience Raising Funds & Awareness

Despite the mud, rain and rocky terrain Kat describes the whole day as an incredible experience, “The atmosphere was hugely supportive and relaxed,” says Kat, “not at all competitive. Trail running is so different to running flat marathons. There is more focus on enjoying the surroundings than it being a competition.”

Kat’s efforts raised over £500 for HighGround. If you’d like to show your support it’s not too late to donate, visit Kat’s JustGiving page. Or if you’d like to get involved with fundraising for HighGround take a look at our Support Page, where you’ll find details of how you can help us achieve our goals in 2018.

1e2f4e05-d3e6-4751-a9c4-e4c026c184daWe can’t thank Kat enough for her support, it’s much appreciated, but what next for our Ultra Marathon Runner? How do you top that? Well, never one to rest on her laurels, Kat has a Half Marathon in Sussex planned for March followed by a Running Festival in the summer. HighGround will be supporting her every step of the way!