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  • Home Thoughts

    HighGround wanted to create a commemorative garden at Headley Court as the anniversary of WW1 was upon us and we wished to mark that time in a positive way. Many gardens and green spaces will be created throughout the country with the same purpose. I thought about how the troops would be thinking and feeling when on deployment at that time in 1914 – 1918. I came to the conclusion that they would be thinking of home and it occurred to me that feeling is still relevant today for our armed forces personnel.

    So what is ‘home’? Memories of drifts of bluebells in the woods, a picket fence outside the house and creaky gate, roses festooned over an archway, apple trees with fruit for apple pies, the stripes on the lawn, towering hollyhocks and bright scarlet geraniums in terracotta pots, not forgetting The Shed.

    All of these ideas I have incorporated in the design of this garden with the intention of making a quiet, private, tranquil space where our injured service men and women can get away from it all.


    The CWGC’s Deirdre and David visit HC for the first time

    Chief Technician Lee Edwards RAF lifts the first turf

    Lee and Bernie from the CWGC come to inspect the site

    Keith and Steve on day 1

    Home thoughts bare ground

    Carol with Mark Straver

    Locating the shed base

    Our friends from Sutton & East Surrey Water laying the foundations for the shed

    Our friends from Sutton & East Surrey Water putting up the picket fence

    Picket fence complete! We can’t thank Sutton & East Surrey Water enough for all their fantastic and generous work.