Executive Summary

Although we are still a young charity there is a lot going on. In order to ensure we are providing current information to our funders and partners we update our Executive Summary every quarter.

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The HighGround Vision

Our vision is to be the leading organisation for the provision of land-based opportunities for all ex-military personnel and Reservists. The organisation is positioned as a forward-facing destination where benefi ciaries can be assured of understanding, assistance and long-term support and advice to help sustain their successful transition to civilian life.

The Need

Approximately 14,000 members of the Armed Forces leave every year. It is well recognised across a wealth of research that employment is a critical component of successful transition to civilian life and more importantly that those [individuals] who choose a job as part of a career path, are more likely to be motivated and feel they are progressing. Forces in Mind Trust, (2013) Understanding the transition process for Service personnel returning to civilian life.